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Lydia just click the link on your left (your next MP) hope that helps mostly a google will give you info Apr 18
William HI Guys, I have just joined and am wondering where I could find out who are all the different candidates in edinburgh west and where information on their policies and principles might be? Apr 18
Graeme I have none - like I say, no problems. Mar 18
Lydia and your problems are Mar 17
Graeme So, er, I guess we're all pretty happy, there's no problems? Mar 17

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Local issues in Edinburgh West

We're collecting local issues in Edinburgh West. Some of these have been turned into questions to put to the candidates standing at the 2010 general election in the form of a questionnaire.

Issues are no longer being turned into questions, but we still want them! A good local issue will be about a problem of local relevance, possibly suggesting how something should have been/be done.

Local questions for candidate questionnaire

These are the questions that have been made out of the local issues Demoracy Club volunteers have posted. They'll make up the 'local' section of a questionnaire that TheyWorkForYou is developing in conjunction with Demoracy Club. Below the question is the local issue it's derived from.

Do you agree that ... ?

How well are your candidates doing at responding to our survey?

We've sent questionnaires to as many candidates as we can in Edinburgh West, but they've not all managed to reply.

Can you help encourage the ones who've not replied yet?

We'll be putting the results of the questionnaire online as soon as we have a few more replies. In the mean time, you can see a version of what we're sending to your candidates here.

smiley faceWe've heard from:

frowny faceWe've not heard from:

  • Liberal Democrats Michael Crockart
  • Scottish National Party Sheena Cleland
  • Labour Party Cameron Day
  • Conservative Party Stewart Geddes